Winter Pasta with Chard, Tomatoes and Caramelized Onions

Pasta with Sautéed Vegetables

One of the best things about getting a CSA box is every once in a while, you end up with more of a particular vegetable than you know what to do with. This week, it was a huge bunch of rainbow chard. I knew sautéing it would reduce the volume, making it more manageable. I also had a large onion from last week’s farmers market outing, and several late-season tomatoes from my CSA box. As I rummaged around in my cupboard, I found a package of whole wheat spaghetti.

I truly enjoy making a complete meal from my CSA box and the corners of my pantry. Even better, this is one of those recipes that feels decadent, but thanks to the high vegetable content, whole wheat pasta, and heart healthy olive oil (rather than cheese) is good for you too.


1/2 package whole wheat pasta

1 large bunch chard

4 medium tomatoes

1/2 large onion (or one medium)

3 cloves garlic

1  tbsp lemon olive oil (you could also use plain olive oil and add a squeeze of lemon juice)

1/2 tbsp olive oil


Cook pasta according to package directions, drain, set aside. Drizzle with 1 tbsp lemon olive oil.

Mince garlic. Dice onions. Add 1/2 tbsp plain olive oil to a large sauté pan over medium-high heat. Add garlic and onions. Cook until the onions start to caramelize.

Dice tomatoes and cut chard into ribbons. Add to caramelized onions and garlic in handfuls, stirring until the chard cooks down enough to add the next bunch (approximately 2 – 3 minutes).

Sautéed Onion, Garlic, and Chard

Once all the chard has cooked, add the tomatoes and stir for 3 minutes until the tomatoes just start to cook before setting the pan aside.

Add the vegetable mixture to the pasta. Stir to combine. Serve warm.


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